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I have got X Plane 11 demo running on my PC and also X Plane 10 demo running on my PC. I can have X Plane 10 graphics on high with it running really well at about 55-60 frames per second. When I go onto X Plane 11 I put the graphics on low and when I start rolling down the runway the surroundings jolt to the side. When I get to about 80 knots it starts to run at about 10-16 frames per second. I have done all the updates when they come out but it doesn't change anything.

System: Intel i7 6700K, 16 GB DDR4 Ram, MSI AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB Graphics Card. Both X Planes on my SSD.

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Have you tried using the manual's guide to optimizing rendering settings? If you try them and you still see low frame rates on low settings please go ahead and file a bug with a log.txt.

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