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How do I contact the aircraft developer? Isn't X-Plane the developer of all the planes and code? Or are you saying contact the developer at X-Plane?

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Hi there amanickle,

I hope I can be of some assistance to you, but from my current knowledge it sounds like you're experiencing a problem with one of X-Plane 10's default aircraft.


  • If this aircraft is a default aircraft that comes with the base game of X-Plane 10, and you are experiencing problematic technical difficulties with it, you'll need to file a bug on the bug filing page which you are able to find right here 


  • On the other hand, if this is an add-on aircraft that you have purchased from a X-Plane add-on developing company, you'll need to come in contact with them which you can do by finding there website and there will probably be contact information there or in a aircraft manual that came with the add-on.


I hope I was able to help.