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I'm facing problem in order to download the game. I have a 100Mbps connection, and I'm located at São Paulo with 4 PoP, with NY, São Paulo has the highest presence of highwinds.

I've just performed a speed test, and I'm downloading @97Mbps, while the game download is 328kbps, totally unacceptable.

Any help?

Thank you!

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Hi there Vitorcm,

Your current situation is very confusing, but from what I currently understand is that you have a 100Mbps connection, you're download speed is currently at 97Mbps and your game is downloading at 328Kbps.


All I can suggest doing is that you re-start your router, than continue the download, and if this problem persists, than you may want to consider submitting it as a bug over at the X-Plane 11 Bug Report Form which you can locate right here

    I hope you are able to find some relief from this,
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    Hi OscarX, thank you for quick response.

    I don't belive my router is the problem, anyways I will try your recomendation. If I do this during the download process, can I re-start from the same point, because if this does not work I would not like loose my progress.

    thanks again
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    Unfortunately, I'm unable to confirm that this will not effect your progress, as I've not yet actually downloaded the beta myself as my PC is currently undergoing repairs and upgrades, only researched on the topic extensively; as this is the current predicament, I would only suggest re-starting your router if you download hasn't made significant progress, or it may be worth the risk if there's a pause option or it states you have much longer to continue with you current download speed on the installer.
    Kind Regards,