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Hello X-Plane,

I have a couple quick questions...

If I purchase the digital download x-plane 11 and 10 combo am I missing out on anything that I would have gotten on the disc version?  Will the digital downloads get updated by x-plane?  Is there an advantage to waiting for the disc to come out?

Also, I will be purchasing a new computer for my flight simulator I'm building.  Can the digital download be transferred, or will I need to purchase another copy?



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Hi there James,

Regarding your first question of digital downloads in regard to disc versions; you're absolutely not missing out on anything at all, updates are fully supported on both versions, and some would say that the digital version is probably a better option to go for since discs are becoming more and more outdated these days, and it's still a question if X-Plane 11 will receive a disc version at all.
In regard to your second question, it is a much better idea investment wise to wait until you new computer is built, if you purchase one right now on your current computer, you won't be able to use it on your new one, so it's just a question of how long until your new computer is built and if you're willing to pay the full price two times.

I hope I was able to help.


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