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While I like the nighttime view from the cockpit used as a startup screen for X-Plane 11, I would like to change it to one of my own screenshots. I've tried altering the intro.png image in Resources>bitmaps but that didn't do the trick. How can I change this image?
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It is possible. There was a post on about it but I can't find it anymore.

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Hi there Dash,

In regard to your question, I'm fairly sure this is not a supported feature in X-Plane 11 as of yet. 


But, do not worry, this is a great chance for you to submit a Feature Request! All you have to do is make your way over to the X-Plane Bug Reporter page which can be found right hereand make sure to state in your 'Bug' title or description that this is in fact a feature request. Or, if you'd like, you can make your way over to the X-Plane Facebook page and state your feature request there.

Have a flyin' high day


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