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Since the last update I was able to fly once without problems. Then on the next day I tried to install an addon for the KLN90 GPS, started the application, I selected the airplane and weather and clicked on Fly, the loading page started but the loading stopped at around 20% and then it crashed. then, thinking that the issue was related to the new addon, I removed it. But no success, since then Xplane crashes at the flight loading page.

ps. I have inserted the crash report and log file.


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Hi Francesco,

Please run the X-Plane installer/updater and pick "update". It will scan and replace or fix any default files they may have been affected. If that doesn't help, try removing, renaming or deleting the entire Preferences folder (found in the Output folder).
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Thank you jroberts for your reply. I tried updating the sim and deleting the pref folder but that did not work, so finally I reinstalled Xplane. Now it is all good!