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I bought a used PC that I believed met the requirements for XPlane 11. Downloaded the demo and it works, but given the specs on my computer it looks like it just meets the minimum. I thought that XPlane 10 might be a better fit. Is there a demo version available for v.10?

My technical knowledge is OK, but I hope to a recommendation for the best version to order.

The operating specs on my pc are:

Windows 10

AMD FX 4350 Quad Core 4.2ghz

12gb RAM

Nvidia Geoforce GTX 770, with

5.098gb total available graphics memory

2.048gb dedicated video memory

3.050gb shared system memory

I appreciate any advice..

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X-Plane 10 demo is still available on Laminar’s website.  You can try out both versions and decide which is more suitable for your hardware.

One suggestion I might offer is before you make your purchase for X-Plane 10.  Ask Laminar whether it’s possible to purchase one X-Plane 11 digital license key and be eligible to run both 10 and 11.  I know this was possible during the first few months of XP11 introduction.  I don’t believe the default XP11 key would work this way.  Ask Laminar’s Support directly for an official answer, not through this forum.  Just want to bring this up, because it seems to me it’s a shame to spend money on XP10 while XP11 is so much more superior.