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So Earlier, I was flying from KSFO-KLAX in the x737, which I haven't had crashes in for a couple weeks, and never had until this point. The crash seemed to happen about the same time,  I would be cruising, and then everything would just stop working. Windows would give me the old "This program has stopped working" Dialog box. So, I go to check the log, to see what it has to say, only one problem, nothing has been entered into the log after what I had already check after just leaving KSFO. I tried to replicate this a couple more times, and was able to replicate it on all of the instances. This has become increasingly frustrating, and I hope that this can be solved quickly! Thank you in advance to you people out there who are able to help me!

Steps to produce the crash:

Load up the x737

Depart ksfo on runway 10R

Fly some route to LAX, I tried with different routes, and that didn't make a difference.

Get up to cruise, and wait for it to crash


System Specs:

FX4350 4.4ghz

Radeon 6850 1gb VRAM

8gb Mushkin DDR3 ram

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I have not seen your log.txt to see what other third party addons are installed, which can interfere in all sorts of ways. If you have add on aircraft/plugins/scenery, etc, you can try to determine if one of them is the problem by moving those folders to the desktop and trying just defaults.

You can also try "divide and conquer" to narrow down the specific item: remove half and see if the problem persists. Keep removing a chunk of add ons at a time until you find the problem.