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For some reason in the basic x plane 11 - 172 the autopilot altitude function is not working

I set an altitude and it blows right through it

It will not follow v/s commands .

I have the ap on , and the altitude set and the button pushed.

Not following the input command for climb descend or maintain alt.

I have the same issue in the carenado mooney j
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the problem seems to be with the x52 , trim and calibration in xplane 11,.  be very careful when you calibrate trim with xplane   something is wrong with the controller and i think it affects how the alt hold/ trim v/s and other functions work when the autopilot is selected. please let me know if anyone has experiences with this issue other than me
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well ive confirmed that the x52 seems to be the issue because i can use an old joystick and with no problem... gotta wait for a new drive.. spoke to x plane direct on dec 13 2016

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