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The program hangs a few minutes after start. Initial install took very long. the first disk took 6.5 hours to load with only a minimum of global surface. after approx 8 hours the total install was succesfully completed.

At start the language can be chosen followed by the choise of the update which i did not yet do. Then the dvd drive (with nr1 dvd) starts spinning. but nothing happens thereafter. clicking the mouse gives a response  in the upper x-system window  of NOT RESPONDING

I use windows 7 pro on a dual-boot machine.

I include a screen foto and system log. The compressed X-plane dmp file seems to be too large as the Server returned an error: The uploaded file `''` exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in

Hope you can findout what i can do to make the system running. Ko van Horick

Venlo, Netherlands


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X-Plane may take a long time to load. However, I would recommend you update to the latest version to make sure you have all possible bug fixes.

You can also take a look at the manual for hints on how to set up X-Plane for the best performance.

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Thanks for your reply. Update did not work. I reinstalled X-plane under windows 10. This worked fine.

I presume that my dualboot configuration is the cause for my problem.

Now a new problem has arisen. My Proflight yoke system from saitek is not recognised, but i will issue a new questionaire for this.

thanks again