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Loading pauses until you click on "understood".  Scenery appears normal as far as I recall.

Has x-Plane or anyone else ever published a directory tree showing what folders contain which files along

with the path(s) x-Plane expects?

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File format specification docs can be found here. Sometimes there is more info in the log as well.

Additional info on the scenery and library system can be found in the WED manual.

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Thanks for the informative links; I’ll definitely save them for future reference.
To solve the error message however, I think I need to find where the missing global scenery file is and move it to the correct folder.
The log file does note the error but does not say what specific file.
My mention of a directory tree, file paths and file type (*.xyz) unique to x-plane 10.5, might be helpful for some of us less gifted in computer-ease to repair errant file issues.