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Hello .. Good evening!! I have been a user of X Plane for a little more than 4 months and currently I am experiencing problems with the sudden reduction of frames rates. After searching your site I saw that there is a tutorial to solve this problem: Frame Rate Issues with Windows 10. I did all the procedures and the sudden drop still remains, especially when trying to use an airfoillabs aircraft, a c172. My notebook usually runs between 50 and 100 frames per second and after switching to another application with ALT + TAB, the frames in the frame are reduced to between 2 and 5 frames per second. Waiting instructions. Hugs

My Setup:

  • PROCESSADOR: Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Skylake (6Mb cache até 3.5 GHZ)
  • MEMÓRIA: 16 GB HyperX Impact DDR4 (2133 MHZ) ( + R$ 329,00 )
  • 1º HARD DISK (HDD), SSHD, SSD ou SATAe M.2: SATAe M.2 - SSD 512GB - 6Gb/s
  • 2º HARD DISK (HDD), SSD ou SSHD: SSHD 1 TB com 8GB SSD ( + R$ 517,00 )
  • TELA (LCD): 15.6" IPS FULLHD 16:9 (1920x1080p) LED-Backlit Matte
  • WIRELESS: Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 + Bluetooth
  • SISTEMA OPERACIONAL: Original Windows 10 Home 64bits ( + R$ 599,00 )
  • MICROSOFT OFFICE : Sem Licença Office
  • PERSONALIZAÇÃO (Cores): Cor Padrão
  • PERSONALIZAÇÃO (Nome - Max: 2 nomes. Ex: Paulo André) ( + R$ 159,00 ) : Thiago Jansen
  • GARANTIA : Garantia de 3 anos em mão de obra e de 1 ano em peças.

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Many users also reporter they saw improvements after updating their graphics cards, so please make sure you are using the latest Nvidia drivers.
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Very good It worked out with an NVIDIA driver update.