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After upgrading to OS 10.13.xx XP.11.xx (I have the latest of both) I'm seeing constant fluctuations, from 10± to 30± FPS (a few seconds low and then a few seconds high and then back down again). I have tried running XP without any other startup programs running, just XP and the OS, but to no avail. I've not been able to enjoy my favorite hobby for a couple weeks, with no joy in sight.

I have read that others are seeing this behavior, and that LR has filed a report with Apple.

What is the status?

Thank you.

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LR filed a report with Apple because of graphic errors with the mouse (box around it, etc).

Our performance tests indicated neutral or positive performance changes between versions.

Note that we test the old and new code on the SAME art assets. If you go to an airport that got a big upgrade in 11.10, for example, you'll see a "fps hit"...because there's more stuff there. There were also new European autogen assets added.
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This morning I contacted Nvidia, the manufacturer of my card, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4 GB, and they sent me a link to a just released software upgrade for the card, after informing me that High Sierra (10.13.x) was not supporting this card. I did the upgrade and at first glance it appears to have fixed the problem, even though the 780 is not listed as supported.

UPDATE: the firmware update does not cover my card model