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I am not getting good frame rate while running x plane 11 and I was wondering if SLI would work. 

my system is: Z97S SLI Krait Edition motherboard, EVGA GTX980 Classifed w/ACX 2.0, and 1080p monitor. 


thanks for the help.

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With two nVidia GTX 1080's I have run XP v11.0b8 with "Force alternate frame rendering 1" to a 4k monitor - will see perhaps 2-3 FPS faster than running a single GPU. On other CPU/GPU intensive games, there'll be a 40 to 50% increase in FPS (this over a single GPU). So I'd save your money for now - wait until this issue has been resolved. There seems to be some "pipeline" bottleneck between the CPU's and GPU's. In my system both the CPU and GPU show a low percentage of utilization.

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SLI is still not something we currently support, and we have no plans to support it in the future. In our experience, people often try to use it with multiple low end GPUs, which is less effective than buying a single, more powerful GPU. 

Here is the section of the manual that goes over tuning the rendering settings step by step if you haven't already tried that. Please keep in mind that X-Plane is creating the entire world around in 360° as you fly, so your FPS may always be lower than other games, such as first person shooters, etc.

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I was able to get this to work today!

I am running (2) 1080 ti cards

1.Go into the nvidia control panel.

2.Under “global settings”

3.Look for “SLI Rendering Mode”

4.Change option to “Force alternate frame rendering 1”

I am running a i7-8700k w DDR4-3000 (32GB). Two cards work MUCH better than 1 card alone FOR SURE. all of my settings were maxed out except anti-aliasing, i had that on the second notch from the left side.

You may need to change setting back for other games. 

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Hi there. Do you still find that your 2 cards in SLI are better than one in xplane?

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