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Hi, there are two problems. (1) I purchased a Xplane11 in your website, but when I want to reinstall it, the software is always prompt: you have entered the product key has been disabled. (2) when I tried to set all of the simulated flight of external control device, Xplane11 is always prompt me: "your control may not work properly". After entering the game, I found some control device does not work properly! Why?   And how to fix it?    

      Looking forward to your reply as soon as possible. Thanks a lot! 



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If you have multiple devices plugged in, or have assigned the same function to multiple axes, X-Plane now warns you, and they don't work. You can use the drop down in the top left corner (labeled "device") to check all the flight control devices you have plugged in.

If your product key has been disabled, please contact support at info@x-plane.com with the last 8 digits of your product key and the email you used to purchase it.

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