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Where is the new enhanced promised G1000 for Xplane 11? I cant seem to find it
I tried on the C172 but there is only the 6 pack panel.
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I saw this will be available on release 11.5 for fall this year. However, there is no release updates I have been able to find. Much wished for feature, it was great on fly this sim till they decided to discontinue it and charge $800.00 for the replacement.

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It is still in progress. We are hoping to have it in a later update to X-Plane.
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I am a CFII and I would like to have this soon, so I can instruct students without costing them an arm and a leg, so they can be somewhat proficient before stepping into the real aircraft.

When do you anticipate having the g1000 ready for install?




Erik Davis CFII
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It will not be available for X-Plane 11.0, but will be included in a later update to X-Plane 11. That's all the info I have at the moment.
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Very much looking forward to that! The G1000 is the #1 item on my wishlist for upcoming updates of X-Plane 11! :-)