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All  control pad options / submenu controls seems to work great controlling  a Carenado CT182T_ Skylane_G1000_v3.3/Car_Ct182   EXCEPT the SUBMENU that controls all the  failure modes  of the G1000 itself.  The G1000 submenu looks not to be operational at all.   The airspeed, altimeter, can be made to fail thru use of the “Primary Instrument”  submenu.    The “Attitude, Heading”  CAN NOT be made to fail thru use of the “Primary Instrument” submenu/.    Assuming its just because Xplane11 is still in Beta release and that Xplane Pro is not required for home-private use to utilize the G1000 failure submenu.    I do need to sometimes restart the Ipad to get the “Control Pad” app to connect to the network.   But its not a big  issue.   System Basics:    Running version 1.07 “Control Pad on Ipad  running 10.2.1     Xplane11 Beta 11.00pb13 (64 Bit)   on new   Windows10-Home  based Predator G3-710  gaming computer i7-6700 @ 3.4GHz.  with 32GB  and  GXT 1070 graphics board driving two 1080p@60hz  27” monitors.  <25% CPU usage.   >95% GPU usage.     25fps with  all max setting except antialiasing set at 4x SSAA+FXAA.     I’m  sure you have no other bugs  to deal guess is .. you just have not gotten to it yet...   :>  many thanks love Xplane11 beta ...Al

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Hi Al,

I would say there are no guarantees that Control Pad will work with third party aircraft. And since we don't yet have a working G1000 in the default sim, I would bet that feature doesn't work yet on 3rd party aircraft either. I would recommend waiting until the G1000 makes it into default X-Plane 11 to use Control Pad with it.
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Many  thanks for the feedback ...and very reasonable answer....  A  very happy  user who  is very spoiled with the fine operation of X-Plane11 thats still in Beta...