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Hi All,


   - Mac Book Pro 2013, 16GB RAM

   - OSX Sierra (fresh install)

   - XPlane 11


Immediately on XPlane startup and new flight, application plays audio, but appears to freeze - no mouse, no keyboard response and "Application not responding".  Screenshots available.


Any advice appreciated.




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I have the exact same problem on a mid 2012 rMBP

X-plane loads fine, the simulation starts and seems like it's running, but I can't do anything. it does become responsive sometimes after a few minutes.

Any clues?
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That's basically the same behaviour, yes.  I just installed the latest update - I was hopeful that the included bug fixes would have resolved this) but there appears to be no change in behaviour - 'Application not responding' and have to command-Tab (eg. to Finder) and then Force-Quit.


I was able to get some animation the first time launching after updating, but the frame rate was ~2 fps.  After the first run, however, it displays spinning mouse cursor and I have to Force-Quit.

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You can try starting in safe mode if you suspect the rendering settings may be too high--hold the shift button when you launch X-Plane. Otherwise please make sure your computer meets minimum hardware requirements then attach a copy of the log.txt.

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Hi - thanks for your response.  I think the machine meets base spec requirements.


Overriding rendering settings doesn't appear to change anything - same result as per attached...  Thanks


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