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I want to buy this for my son to download on my macbook air he's been playing with simulators since he was 3 he is now 11 and is hoping to join the RAF.  The thing is I don't have anything tangible to wrap on christmas day.


Can you send this out as a voucher?


Please advise.


Thank you


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Hi Zoe, 

If you purchase X-Plane 10 as a digital download from the X-Plane website, we will email a receipt to you with your product code (which you will need to install the simulator). You could print that out as a voucher to wrap. 

If you have any concerns about how well it will run on your laptop or how well your son will like this sim, you could start with the free demo. Here is a link to an image file or another image of the DVD that might be appropriate to print in place of a voucher.