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On 11/14/16 I purchased an X-plane 11 download believing that it would be ready by Christmas. It is 4 days to Christmas and all I see is the Beta edition being discussed.  Is the final release of X-plane 11 going to happen as promised?,  after all this was a Christmas gift purchase.

Tom Kerwin

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Curious where you saw the Beta would go gold by Christmas.  Would you please link to that?

You did purchase a great Xmas gift because you got X-plane 11 and X-plane 10 in the package.  That will not be available latter.  The person you are giving it too can enjoy both and when X-pane 11 goes gold they are set.

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The Beta is working great for me so far.  Unless you need the full PROD version of it, this would do well as its updated to keep up with any issues as far as I have seen.