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When I come into land  I cannot see the runway right in front of me as I can in real plane. How do I change my position?

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up arrow on keyboard...
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It should be possible to change the height of the camera in the plane in the Plane Maker file for the aircraft: Standard, Viewpoint, Cockpit, Pilot View.

In the case of the Chipmunk DHC-1 which is freeware from the forum, that function won't raise the view. I have no explanation from that forum yet but found a way from them to view the front of the plane which accomplishes the same thing by adding the nose and propeller from the box for 2-d forward panel view. But I can't raise my view any higher.

Now I still have a problem with looking up and the hat switch doesn't pan, it jumps 45 degrees left or right and won't look up. I'll try to find an answer in this forum but it may not have been asked yet.