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My xplane 10 world scenery was installed by DVD's. It did without any errors, but the scenery doesn't show up. The time limit was removed, but scenery is the only problem.i looked at scenerypacks.ini, but nothing was wrong with it. The scenery showed up on the log, and it said it loaded it. The scenery never showed up!

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Did you add the scenery to a demo install? There are additional files missing from a demo install that keep it a "demo." I believe the newest X-Plane 10 installer can update a demo to a full install, but it may also require you to update to the latest version (10.51). Otherwise your best bet will probably be to delete the demo & re-install a full install from scratch.
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I installed X-Plane 10.25 from disks, so i had to update. It updated no problem, but still no scenery