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I have purchased xplane 10 digital version.

Before installing I have removed the demo version and downloaded all the sceneries.

However I have the following problems:

a. I keep getting message every 3-4 days asking to enter the serial key on startup.

b. From time to time I get my joystick disabled and the demo message appears (I need to put dvd1 or purchase a key)

I did not found similar problem on the web and I hope you can help me resolve this problem.



Abdelaziz Belchiter

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This sounds like it might be a bug if this has happened more than once. X-Plane should check about once a week for validation. Please file a bug report with a copy of your log.txt file here. Please also be as specific as possible so we can try to reproduce this issue(s).

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I have  filled in the bug report with log and screen capture.
The is no specific procedure to reproduce it just happen at any flight step (takeoff, cruise..) and on any location. it just happen.
Hopefully XPlane developers will look at this matter because it is really annoying due to long preparation for the flight and the online atc.