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In any plane I'm using in X Plane 11, I'm not moving fast enough. For example I'm flying a 747 and I've got a GS of about 500kts but I' m only moving about 200Nm/h.
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Sounds like a frame rate issue. Go into Settings > Data Input/Output, search for Frame rate, check "Display in Cockpit." Let us know what frame rates you're seeing.
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f-act,_/sec |   f-sim,_/sec |   frame,_time |   __cpu,_time |   _gpu_,time_ |   _grnd,ratio |   _flit,ratio |
     12.73675 |      19.90000 |       0.07851 |       0.07375 |       0.05818 |       1.00000 |       1.00000 |

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At 12.73675, you have extremely low frame rates.  Try turning down your settings to get this number up.
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Try to get to a stable 25-35 fps as a minimum.

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