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How do I add a navaid to an airport?  For example, the FAA has removed the NDB RWY 20 approach for KALW from its terminal approach database.  I however still have the approach plate for it and would like to add the TRINA (freq: 353) back to its old location so that I can continue to fly that approach.

This scenario will happen regularly as NDBs are phased out.  Since I have a number of these NDB approaches, I would like to know how to configure XP11 to be able to continue using these.


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A custom file is needed as described in this article on the new nav format. However, at the moment there is no way to edit a NAVAID in the X-Plane 11 map.

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Thanks.  I read the article and it's way over my head.  I'll be staying with X-Plane 10.
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Is there any estimate when the ability to add / edit a NAVAID in X-Plane 11 will be possible?

The ILS RWY 31 @ KSLE is not present.

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