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I have a Thrustmaster Warthog

I'd like to configure one of the switches for landing gear, and some others for battery, alt, avionics, lights etc..
The control setup seems to be focused on button only setup and on toggling states of things, rather than holding one state when a switch is one way (eg, gear down when switch i on).
I'm feeling a little stupid as i'm missing some basic stuff here, and can see it as an FAQ, nor in the manual.

Any ideas?

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Go to settings, Joysticks, click on the button you would like to assign, it will blink on the list, click on edit to chose the function.
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Seems like this might be new from XP10.. nice.
Still no luck with flaps though.
The B58 has a 3 pos switch in cockpit, and i'd like to mate that with the 3pos flap switch on the throttle unit.
Any ideas?
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Most likely you could assign one button to "increment flaps down" and another to "increment flaps up". Not exactly what you want but would work.
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That's how i currently have it.
To use it i need to keep the switch in the center position, and toggle it down and back to center to drop flaps a level, or up and back to center to raise them.
Not ideal, especially so for a sim as advanced as XP11.