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I have a basic definition of an airport using a custom scenery apt.dat file (not generated through WED). The airport displays in XP11 just fine, and it is selectable when starting a new flight. However, it does not show up in the GNS430. Where does the GPS get the airport information so that I can add it?

As an example, here is one of the airports I'm trying to add. I've tried this edit in the custom scenery folder as well as the Global Airports apt.dat file. I can get the airport to appear in the world, but not on the GPS.

1 2524 0 0 CYSD Suffield
1302 datum_lat 50.26981548
1302 datum_lon -111.1791993
1302 faa_code
1302 iata_code
1302 icao_code CYSD
1302 region_code CY
1302 transition_alt 18000
1302 transition_level 18000
100 75 1 0 0.15 1 2 1 04 50.26981548 -111.1791993 0 0.00 2 0 1 1 22 50.26351638 -111.18746815 0 0.00 2 0 1 1

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Apparently it's a whole new coherent navdatabase system in X-plane 11. Maybe this link will help you find the answer :
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I've reviewed that link and have used the new format, even using the new 1302 tags for things like lat, long, transition alts, and airport codes. I've tried to put them in a new apt.dat file in custom scenery and also tried to add it into the Global Airports apt.dat file, none of which has worked.
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Ok, I have not found the answer then. I have only noticed that X-plane team says :

"no hand editing please". So I suppose it is quite hard to do and there are many imbrications, dependencies and cross checks..