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whenever I try to change the weather in xplane it eather doesnt let me change it or it reverts back in a matter of soconds for example if I click on grab real weather from net, it doesnt let me click on it (i will click on it and nothing will happen) and if i change the clouds i will revert back to the original clouds in about 10 seconds after I close the weather tab.

Please help!!!! thank you!!

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When you click on "grab real weather from net,", does it spin for a while and try to load, or just sit there and do nothing?  Also, do you have any weather plug-ins installed?  I tried  3jClouds2, and it would not let me (or other people) keep real weather running.  I had to delete it.
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when I click grab real weather from net or most of the other weather options nothing happens as if I didn't even click it, I have Ultra weather xp installed but the the problem occured event before I installed it.