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hello, I had a program crash on xp 11 beta 3 after a long flight ( 4 hours) between KLAX and JKFK with this addons: The crash came near Chicago.

SSG -Boeing 747 v1.5.1

x-enviro v 1.06

haversine fmc on ipad

All last short flights hadn^t crashed the program.


I hope, you can find the reason on crashreport.


best regards.




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Hi Volker,

X plane 11 is still in the stage of beta, so this could just be a minor error in the system. I can assure you that Laminar Research already know of this problem, and are going to have it fixed for the initial release of x plane 11. It has happened to me, the long flights make it crash. It is in development of a fix.

Many Thanks