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I'm still fiddling with the views on the x52

I can get the hat switch to work but I am unable to assign view to the second hat switch. The second hat switch which I assign to simply move up down  Left and right in the cockpit is very confusing . The assignment is correct but the motion does not match the arrows or direction shown so that I cannot correctly assign  the buttons

This is very confusing.

Can someone tell me how to create a x52 profile or assignment in xplane 11.

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Here are instructions for creating joystick configuration files. Note that if you save over the default ones that come from LR the installer will try to overwrite them during each update to restore the defaults.

If you adjust the default setups, X-Plane will save them as preferences so they never get overwritten.

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Thank you 

Here is an interesting fact about x52 

I wrote to mad catz about the controller as i thought it was their product and here is what i got back about tech support, ( jan 21 2017 ). It might be helpful to others.


Thank you for contacting Mad Catz Technical Support.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the X52 flight stick.

Please be advised that all Saitek technical support is now handled by Logitech.

For additional information and contact details, please access the link below: