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I purchased XPlane 11 hoping to be able to practice IFR approaches (like Microsoft FSX but able to run on Win 10!).  At this point, there are not procedures in the GNS430W or GNS530W.  In addition, ATC will only set you up for vectors to the visual.

When will we be able to fly realistic instrument approaches using Xplane 11.  

Also note that I purchased XPlane 10 for the same reason and found that I couldn't fly realistic instrument approaches with it!  The Plane advertising stated that instrument approaches would be supported.... WHEN??!!


Thank you!

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We get our GPS data from a real-world airline, so we have a big database of a) what runways that airline thinks exist, and b) where those runways are (lat/lon). If that information doesn't match exactly in X-Plane, the GPS will not show any approach procedures. The next beta will have additional features to report this issue.

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I'm trying to fly instrument approaches in the Cessna 172 that is included with the install.  There are no instrument procedures at all in the 430 or 530.  I tried loading approaches for Aurora, OR (KUAO), Portland, OR (KPDX), and Chicago (KORD.)  The airlines surely recognize PDX and ORD as a place where runways and procedures exist.

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Please update to pb5 if you haven't already, and use the new reporting feature to file bugs on the missing approaches.