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I have a new Oculus Rift, Leap Motion sensor and am using FlyInside with XP-10.

I can see my virtual hands in the cockpit, but I am having difficulty manipulating switches and levers with them.

Is it system or user error?

My observations:

  • I can see the virtual hands
  • When I pass over controls, I can see ghosted highlights show "active" regions
  • I have tried different helicopters and planes with similar results
  • I was able to manipulate a throttle in a Sikorsky helicopter, which was cool, but it didn't stay and that's the only place I've seen it work.  This leads me to suspect that it's how the plane models are constructed and not the Leap Motion interface.
  • I can fully use the virtual hands within Leap Motion demo applications
  • I can pick menu choices in the FlyInside interface when I'm NOT in the simulator
  • In one aircraft (I think it's my Sea King helicopter), there's a menu button I should be able to hover over to pick multiple views.  I remember seeing that flash up under my virtual index finger one time, but I've not been able to get it to come up again.

I hope I've given someone some clues.

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