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I experience the following problem:

During taxiing or take offs the plane suddenly moves to the left or the right. When I watch the taxiing in chase-view it seems that the rudder sometimes moves to a side without an explainable reason. When I allow X-plane to control the plane exactly the same happens.... a lot of squealing tires and the plane stops moving continuously or ends up in the grass. It makes no difference whether the joystick is connected or not. Al planes exhibet the same problem.

 I'm using X-plane 10, v 10.42 64 bit

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Hi Rover,

If you are using the default Cessna, remember that it has a tendency to pull left due to the rotation of the single propeller. You will need to adjust your steering to the right to compensate. You might find a dual engine plane such as the Baron easier to keep flying straight. Or try the Cirrus jet.

If you are using the sim without USB rudder pedals, we have logic in place to help compensate for that. If you think there is a problem with it, or that it doesn't reflect real-world behavior, please feel free to submit a bug report. Make sure to include everything you are doing, step by step from plugging in your joystick or starting the sim, and what the expected behavior should be versus what you are experiencing.