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Why does X-Plane 11 only have 11 default aircrafts compared to 40 for X-Plane 10?  Even if I show aircrafts from older versions there are only 22 in total.

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Beta, not final version ????
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That's because it is still in "Beta" so you get some taste of the few aircrafts and X-Plane 11, however, there is already one freeware addon aircraft for X-Plane 11 :O


Works great with X-Plane 11 though, and the graphics... ahhh amazing :D
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No free ware there - they cost money! = ??
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There are freeware, you just need to log in to see the "download file" button on the right, also in the top left you can see the button: "download" which are files who are for free! and you got the button: "org store" which are indeed, paid products/addons.