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I used to be able to play x plane 11 at a reasonable fps. I don't know how much, but it was a non issue. I downloaded a patch (the one from mid December) and I started getting weird lag problems. The game would start out at ~35 fps, but after I started the engine it would start to slow down. Within 10 mins, the game would be running at sub 10 fps. I reinstalled, and now it just lags from the get go. Visual glitches are also common, (flickering shadows, ground directly below aircraft not visible in cockpit view, ect). My AS350 add on also has no sound outside the aircraft now, and the game stutters. What the hell? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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We have heard a lot of complaints about frame rate issues in pb 5. We are investigating and hope to have a new beta out this week.
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Thanks. Getting sub 10 fps with settings on minimum is no fun whatsoever. I love the sim, (when it works) and hope it gets fixed soon.