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OK - I've done my best to work this out, but I need help )

I have a 3-monitor system : 27" Dell + 27" iMac + 27" Dell.

The issue is that I can't get features to align up well across the 3 monitors ...

The horizon is the same on the 2 Dells, but is offset on the main display.

Diagonal lines don't match when they cross from one display to the other (even accounting for the bezel offset and perspective).

I think the issue relates to the aspect ratios and resolutions of each display ...

The 2 Dells are 1920 x 1200 (16 x 10), but the Mac is 2560 x 1440 (16 x 9) - the iMac is also slightly taller.

I've experimented with the offsets in Settings/Graphics - I can get the horizon to align in the centre of the screen, but then it doesnt align when it's NOT at the centre, and *nothing* aligns during flight.

If I change the Vertical FOV to scale the display, the aspect ratio is no longer 1:1 (bad).

If I change the resolution settings, then the horizontal scale changes as well the vertical scale, to maintain the aspect ratio at 1:1, and I get a small window in the middle of the screen that doesn't stretch across the width of the display.

What I need to do (somehow) is scale the 2 Dell displays to match the vertical HEIGHT (not resolution) of the iMac, then offset the Dells horizontally to align the diagonals.

Any thoughts :)


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I'm not able to help with scaling the monitor displays, but there is another option mentioned in the manual which involves editing a plane in Plane Maker.

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Hi - many thanks for that tip ...

Yes, I found that section of the manual very helpful when I was experimenting with my initial setup - unfortunately vertical (proportional) scaling is still a problem - any suggestions greatly appreciated.