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I'm not sure what I did but now when I start in any plane in xp 11 the cockpit is  basically shaking . small vibration or movement that probably is meant to simulate real aircraft movement . I don't like it and want to turn it off

I must have enabled it somewhere but cant find it. thoughts?



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Check if cinema verite has been turned on under the View menu. A small amount of shaking may always be apparent, especially in smaller aircraft.
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No it is off, this shaking way more than minor. It look like the whole thing plane and scenery are shaking. I could just delete the sim and reinstall. I will try to figure out how to make a movie of it.. its very odd and started out of the blue.

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Any plugins installed? Remove any addons first and see if it helps.

You can also try restoring default preferences by moving, renaming or deleting the preferences folder found in the Output folder.
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There are plug ins it is a pretty vanilla situation at this point and I tried deleting all preferences

Did not make a difference.

The only thing I have is a x52 controller and the basic system x plane 11 latest beta
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OK so a little sleuthing

I hooked up another controller and the vibrating and shaking stopped

I then plugged in the x52 again and assigned the axis/calibrated  yet again

One of the axis assignment is a slider with zoom.

I assigned the zoom as i had done before

when this slider zoom  was fully at its limit on the x52 the shaking stopped . when i increased the zoom the shaking began again..

so maybe it is just an amplification of the zoom in and out that was causing the problem .

Like and amplification of the movement of the plane.(?) I disabled the slider in the profile ( on the throttle not the joystick ) and the problem disappeared .