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Im trying really hard to love xp 11 but with most stock planes the a/p is not working or not working correctly

I actually fly planes in real life so i understand how to use the a/p

In most cases the stock aircraft will blow through a preset altitude or not respond to the v/s request .

Perhaps the xp stock planes do not have this modelled.

The stock cessna 172 is a good example of a plane in which i am having issues

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Make sure to remove all plugins or custom  scenery, then if it remains, go ahead and file a bug report. Be as specific and detailed as possible, and include proof that a characteristic of the simulator is wrong if you believe it to be so (your real world experience should help here). A good format is to list the exact steps you take up to the problem point, then to list the expected behavior vs the actual sim behavior.

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I have no plug in or added scenery

it is a clean install and the auto pilot does not work in several aircraft

also and this might be related

in the stock 737 for example the mouse does not manage to turn any knob or switches.

when i try to turn a know nothing happens. nothing! this is in contrast to the stock 747 which seems to work well,  except that the autopilot v/s and alt select do not work

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Hi Peter,

I'm an user, not support, but I thought I will share. I initially had problem with autopilot in several planes (e.g. Cirrus SF50) but this has changed with recent updates.

I have never had problems with 737 (all knobs work well) or 747 (v/s works in -400 and -100), but I noticed that sometimes I need to move slightly right or left in the cockpit to use knobs.

What is more autopilot will make mistakes if simulation is not fast enough (e.g. if I speed up simulation autopilot will have troubles keeping plane leveled). Is it possible that your simulation is running with lower than mentioned in manual ~20FPS?

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So i actually have a productive update  

After allot of fiddling and testing i dont think this has anything to do with the xp 11 autopilot

I think it is all about the x52 controller

I unplugged the x52 and installed an older cyborg controller

Voila! everything seemed to work

I think there is a problem with the drivers of the x52 and the interface of xp11

I chased this for a week

Hopefully it helps someone else.

Ill keep checking

maybe someone can get to the x52 supplier as ask them to update there software and drivers