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i purchased the xplane11 beta and dloaded the installer

ran installer and selected Europe scenery to save time.

program dloaded and completed ok

I extracted files to default folder(desktop)

selecting xplane11.exe the  prog starts and displays initial xplane11 screen

after 5 secs it disappears and the update screen appears with options ignore or update.

heres my problem

the pointer does not change to a hand and whichever option I select nothing happens and the screen just sits there. i have tried disabling  the windows firewall

given exe file admin rights

disabled antivirus

 all with no luck

I redloaded the installer and tried again with same result.

any ideas?


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it is installed exactly as the installer wants.

i note the logfile says my installer is 64 bit and the compile date is 23november 2016 and its pb1. is there a later beta for 64bit installer?

ps i dloaded the demo version as atest and that runs perfectly.

is the installer faulty at the point it wants to update itself to the latest version?

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Hi g-bobb,

The part of your explanation that concerns me is "I extracted files to default folder(desktop)". I'm not sure what that means. Up until then it sounds like everything went ok--you installed to the desktop like we recommend and it completed ok.

You should just double click on that install folder to open it and then double click on the X-Plane.exe icon to start X-Plane. If you move the .exe out of the main folder it won't work, if you did that.

Can you try that or clarify what that statement meant?