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I have installed X-Plane 10 on my iPhone with my Apple ID account and some time later on my wife's iPad with her Apple ID account and a different X-Plane Id  

When I change the settings to my Apple ID account on the iPad, I can play with the planes I have purchased, but it neither changes the X-Plane id (still different from my iPhone) nor shows the lessons and challenges that I have already passed on my iPhone.

How can I sync X-Plane on my iPhone with the one on the iPad? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app on the iPad, but it keeps pulling the app from iCloud and the only info that is update is the purchases I've already made.

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The tutorial and challenge results are actually tied to the Game Center account. You'll need to change it in the device settings, not inside the app, but I believe that will fix it.
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I manage to completely delete the app from the device and icloud. Reinstalled it and it still shows the old username that I had assigned and did not update lessons and challenges.