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I have some minor issues after the latest update of X-plane mobile. All in freeflight mode.

- The Bombardier CRJ200 has it's RAT engaged at default. (See picture). I also seem to have problems with the flightmodel on this plane. I just don't get it to slow down when decending, even at low angle and throttle fully down.

- Two navy ships come up on the map and are even moving, but aren't there for real. (See picture)

- The 777 doesn't start at groundlevel but elevated, which makes it drop and blow one or more tires, which can be clearly heard. 

- Heading SE from Honolulu sea turns into (uncharted) land.

Great game anyway. 


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I was not able to reproduce these issues. Please double check you have the latest version. I have version 10.5.0 (75).
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I have the latest version. Just tried it again, on the first try the rat nore the ships appeared. Then i tried the 777 issue, which still occured, you cna hear the plane drop and on take-off you can hear the flat tires flap against the tarmack, then i checked the map ( while flying the 777) and noticed the ships are back (uss perry and nimitz). Tried the bombardier a second time and guess what? Must be a bug or some hidden features.