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Wondering how to remove the ground tugs at gates doted around the airport because they always seem to be in the way when im parking at the gate. IF you'd like a picture to learn more and understand what I mean I'll attack an image.  Please email me at [email protected] if you have a response. 

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Any updates about how to remove that annoying tugs?

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This feature may be hard coded into X-Plane. If it is possible to edit them and remove them, if would have to be done with World Editor 1.6 which is still in internal testing only.
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a very simple script can help you with this... look at

Based on posting: 

These small texture files will make the pushback tugs that automatically appear at certain parking spaces in XP11 invisible. I liked the concept, but was annoyed that sometimes they would conflict with scenery objects placed at some airports, hide the autogate marshaller, or would appear at small airports that would never use such a large tug. This allows you to solve that problem without editing anything in WED. 


  • The pushback function will still work! The only difference is that the tug is invisible. 
  • The tug's headlights will still appear at night. I will look for a way to fix this and publish an update if I can.

Please read the simple installation instructions included in the download. Remember to back up any files you change in case you want to see the tugs again!