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in developing airports, I have noticed a discrepancy of lat/long of Global scenery Airport navaids (ILS PG) in particular. They have pesky habit of turning up on taxiways or runways. It is possible to "shift" airport to align with global. The point is the Lat/long in global scenery is usually off by up to 500 feet.

In addition airport based vor or vortac are not presenr.

Who should I discuss this further and find out if it is easily corrected?





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You can log into The X-Plane Scenery Gateway and as a member you can file a bug report on the navaids.  When you file, give them as much backup info as possible (charts, etc. The website is here...

As to the offset on the ILS approaches, have you checked the charts (FAA, Jepson...) to make sure that the offset is intended?  Here is some interesting reading on the subject.