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I keep getting this message: It says that the authentication server could not be reached and it couldn't connect to the server. The message keeps coming up, even though I know I have a good internet connection. 

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Please help, thank you.


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What country / state are you located in? I'm seeing a lot more complaints of this but have not been able to reproduce it myself.
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A copy of the installer log.txt should be attached as well to provide more information.
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Im from the United States

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Since the error message suggests checking your internet connection, that means we are failing to even connect to the internet, let alone the server to start the download. Please check your firewall for access and your internet connection. For any additional troubleshooting, attach a copy of the latest installer log.txt from the desktop.
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I checked the firewall and allowed it to accept all incoming connections, I still had the same issue. 

I have attached the Log.txt as well. 

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