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I am running x-plane 11 pb7 demo on rMBP mid 2012.

The sim loads but when I start a flight (any flight), simulation is working (confirmed by outputting data to the screen), but it does not receive any commands. the mouse disappears and no matter what keys I type the sim doesn't respond.

after some time (sometimes over 5 minutes or more) of waiting, the simulation becomes responsive, and I even get a decent frame rate for the flight.

am concerned that if I buy the full version this problem will persist.

please advise.
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If you can get into Settings->Graphics (be patient), crank Visual, Texture, and Objects to the lowest settings. Then see if you can use the software.

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Yes, the full version of the simulator will function exactly the same as the demo.

Check that your computer meets the system requirements. It sounds like it is struggling to load, so you may also check your rendering settings and see if setting them lower (or even at minimum) helps.

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I have checked. it meets the minimum requirements and surpasses them.

Rendering seems to be ok, but it takes a couple of minutes to begin responding to commands. when I use a lower antialiasing setting it seems to begin responding faster. it just doesn't make sense the the entire sim is running fine but it doesn't accept commands.

Thanks for you reply though.