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Dear Sir

I need informations about Turbulence setup because my enterprise have a Flight Simulator AATD level (X-plane Commercial License) submited at FAA evaluation and the Avion Sefety Inspector suspect that my Robinson R22 flight model are unrealistic when turbulence level 3 or 6 in X-plane is set.

I would like to know How the turbulence setup works in X-plane. e.g. , what conditions (winds, thermal, shear) are involved when level 0 to 10 are set.

E.G At level 3 ou 6 What Weather conditions are involved?


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Neither X-Plane 10 nor 9 has numbered settings 1-10 for weather. You can change everything using individual sliders. For example, if you want to change the wind speed, drag the slider and the number above it tells you the speed in knots (kt).
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