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Ok about individual slider, but when set only the turbulence slider I don´t know what conditions are involved,

EG, Turbulence level 3, what conditions, parameters are involved? Is it possible to know wich  datarefs are involved.

The problem is that for me (e.g.) turbulence level 3 set is so strong to Ronbisnson R22 and the air speed indicator shows + -  20 knots varation but for FAA is too much 20knots, but there is no parameters to know whats is turbulence level 3.

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No, there is no real-world parameter that references these levels of turbulence. From my personal experience of flying for real for 20 years, everything over 2 is rarely experienced in real life, unless you are dumb enough to fly into a cumulonimbus cloud.

I suggest using level 1 for light-moderate and level 2 for moderate-severe.

You can also experiment with "wind gust" setting and "wind direction shift".

Good luck, Jan