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I bought the xplane version 11, with option of xplane 10. Xplane 11 does not work with win10 and I would like to install version 10. How can I do it without uninstalling version 11?

Vicente Espada
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Why doesn't V11 work with Windows 10?  What sort of problems are you having with it?  Most Windows 10 users (myself included) do not have any problems!
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Another error in WIN 10

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You can download X-Plane 10 here. You can read more about installing the X-Plane 10 Digital Download here.

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This is the win 10 message (in JPEG format attached)

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I cannot see attached files.

If you cannot run X-Plane 11 then you should check system requirements for X-Plane 11 here. It is only for 64-bit operating systems.

To install X-Plane 10 using a digital download product key, do the following:
1.Ensure your computer is connected to the Internet.
2.Double click the “X-Plane 10 Installer” icon to launch the installer.
3.Click “Continue” on the first screen, then enter your digital download product key in the boxes on the following screen. Click “Continue.”
4.By default, X-Plane will install to the Desktop. Though it can be installed elsewhere (by clicking the “Change Destination” button), it is strongly recommended that it be left on the Desktop so that the folder can easily be found in the future.
5.Accept the user agreement on this screen. It is highly recommended that you leave the box for sending anonymous usage data checked. This allows Laminar Research to gather anonymous data to make updates to the simulator based on how you use it. Click “Continue” once again.
6.Select the scenery that should be installed. An unselected tile will appear bleached in color, while a selected tile will have its full color. We strongly recommend that you install only a small bit of scenery now and add more later, as the entire scenery package takes nearly 60 GB of space and a very long time to install.
7.The installer will begin displaying its progress. Note that digital download time estimates are based on your initial network speed and real install times may vary significantly.
8.When the installation completes, start the simulator and go fly by clicking X-Plane.exe file (for 64-bit operating system) or X-Plane-32bit.exe (for 32-bit operating system).

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If you have installed X-Plane and you cannot run it, check if you have a second monitor set to display the 2d panel, this could be a multiscreen issue. Try to select "Unused" in the Monitor 1 drop-down list in Settings > Graphics > Monitor configuration before you exit X-Plane. Otherwise file a bug report with more details.

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The problem is with X-Plane 11. Xplane 10 work well.