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i have x plane 10 and the throttle seems to be getting stuck at half power and i have tried everything that I know but nothing works. Can you please help?

Here is log.txt file

imageDownload file

Regards Tom

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I found the problem in the equipment settings I had selected a two jet quadrant which I have

And that's what caused it two glitch

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Typo ( two glitch )

Ment to be

To glitch

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Hi tman,

Thank you for providing your log.txt, but there are not enough details in your post. The only way we can help troubleshoot the issue is if you can figure out if there are specific actions that cause it to happen. Is it when you use a certain plane? Start from a certain location or fly the same route? Does it always happen after you've been using the program for a specific length of time? At the moment you have provided no specific information.

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