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At start with engine running or not, the airspeed is higher than zero and when taking off the pedals won't work as the plane goes to either side erratically.  This happened when download pb7...continued with pb8.

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Reset your settings to default and check this again after updating to pb8.
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I'm on PB8, just checked my C172, and airspeed is 0 with engines started, or on cold start.  I don't have any suggestions.
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Thanks. I hit every reset option, re-calibrated the joystick, reboot the PC, load XP and still the same behavior. Once you release the brakes, the aircraft start moving rather fast, turn to the right and no matter you work the yoke it goes wild to the right. It flies okay although a bit "slanted" if I can use that word. Upon landing the aircraft land a bit of sideways. Very strange behavior. Will keep reading the manual!
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You can read more about take off here.

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What's the weather like where you're at? Are you just facing into a big headwind?
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Right on!!! - big big headwind. I brought it to zero at all layers and the airspeed indicator as well as the steering are now in shape.

THANKS, -- you rock!!!  :)